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BabyTron – D$M Cypher 2 Lyrics



BabyTron - D$M Cypher 2 Lyrics

BabyTron – D$M Cypher 2 Lyrics

D$M Cypher 2 Lyrics By BabyTron


[Verse 1: BabyTron]
Plug said it’s footballs around, I told him, “Throw a spiral”
Scratched off on twelve, they thought that I was finna show the title
Stomp him out and post the vid, he sick he going viral

[Verse 2: $camaurion]
We gon’ slide OT, they meet us on arrival
All my opps broke as fuck, I don’t got no rivals
Boy, yo sauce running out, you need a scam revival
Marcelo Burlon tee on, bitch, I’m feeling tribal
Hit the road every day, ain’t even have no license
Ain’t no calling my jugg phone, bitch, you gotta Skype me
Got a site that piece so fast that bitch hit like lightning
(Boy, the way that I punch shit, you would think I’m fighting)
‘018, no ATT? I go and hit Verizon

[Verse 3: JuSleaze]
‘Bows coming straight through FedEx, we finna overnight ’em
Don’t talk about my ex, that bitch dead, man, these hoes is triflin’
In thе cockpit taking different drugs like I know thе pilot
(If I catch a opp walking out the crib, I’ma have to snipe him)
Put a opp nigga on a T-shirt, we finna advertise him
7.62s coming out the Drac’ look like Oscar Mayers
Doing donuts in the Redeye, I done popped the tires
([?] going through at Walmart, I don’t shop at Meijer’s)

[Verse 4: MJPAID]
It ain’t starting with no five, I won’t even try it
And my six so exotic, niggas couln’t find it
Stacked as hell with [?] damn near couldn’t bite it
Mom’s mad, fuck around and gave her phone a virus
And how yo bitch give me head? I guess she open-minded
Got a chop, not a Drac’, yes, this bitch Osiris
Shit be going through yo ears so its nevermind it
Say you balling? Check his stats, what’s his plus-minus?
[?] before the whip, you is bus riding

[Verse 5: ScrumbleMan]
Virgil did the shirt but it’s Purple on my pants
Got a glizzy with a switch, extra clip for his mans
You ain’t SBDSM if you ain’t hit the store and jam
Brodie missed, finna pop him on a cam
Don’t be hopping in this ride if you ain’t really down to blam

[Verse 6: TrDee]
Choppa got a grip with a hunnid round under it
I can’t even give yo ass no bag ‘cause you gon’ fumble it
You was playing with that WAP, now what’s up with it?
Please don’t think that we don’t got no guns ‘cause we don’t post that shit
Try me if you want and that’s the day you meet the Lord
Got that metal on me like a knight but not a sword
I would hate me too, I’m wearing shit you can’t afford
We been fucking for some hours, damn, I’m getting bored
You can’t tax me, bitch, I’m plugged in like a cord
We gon’ flip that bitch, you bet not slide that Ford
[Verse 7: ScrumbleMan]
Weed sticky, bitch, I’m off a three-five of S’mores
Camping in the bushes, finna put him in a morgue
This is not tomato juice, Acky what I pour

[Verse 8: Fordio]
Shit, I was searching for the red, think I need a deuce
It’s a light-ass day, only hit for two
Better get your boo
Say she like it how I smell, za and Jimmy Choo
Conversating with the Wock’ like, “I’m feeling you”
We just need your SSN, we can push it through
I’m moving different off the whippits and the gummy shrooms
Like how you pull five racks and they ain’t even new?
Face a eighth say “why not” she think 42
Ron shooting basketballs, he don’t even hoop

[Verse 9: J3]
Fat nigga but the jeans skinny
Helmut Langs on my body, I done paid like three-fifty
Big B’s like runners but these not no 350s
How you got no cheese but out here tryna beef with me?
How you got no cheese but out here tryna eat with me?
I done poured a whole hart now I got a three with me
Left the ShittyBoyz show, now I got a freak with me
And got her off the onion pack, lil’ bitch in here geeked with me
[Verse 10: StanWill]
Choppa gay as hell, it got some nuts but it twerk so crazy
Running off? This bitch’ll pat yo back, be done burped yo baby
Purple jeans on my ass, I don’t perp’ though, baby
Fire blew him like the wind, put him in the Earth so crazy
Buffs hanging off my shirt, collar got my tee drenched
Every time I open up my closet I get seasick
For my dough we done baked his ass like a deep dish
We’ll pull up waving sticks around, on some Wii shit
Za smoke, mirror tints, I can’t see shit

[Verse 11: Donnie Bands]
LA, Miami, New York, I took three trips
.223s hitting everybody like a freak bitch
On a steak diet, you would probably think I lean sip
Riding ‘round with a mini Drac’ and a mean bitch
Fifty on me, pull up on her in a Hellcat
She put that kitty on me
Why you go and grab a thirty-six? You got a mini Rollie
That’s a bitch watch
Looking like a bitch with yo bitch doing TikToks

[Verse 12: BabyTron]
Pints, ‘bows, and pills, bitch, I’m juggling
Cuddy in that Scat with the bee, hear it bumbling
VIP booth, throwing pape’, you hear it thundering
Off filet mignon, I’m sick I hear yo stomach rumbling
Sipping Quagmire, I might get fat like Peter Griffin
Talking ‘bout he got the hoes but got a eater with him
Me and you got the same shoes but I look cleaner in ‘em
(Like these exact same shoes)
Celine off the Chanel, I’m in this bitch triple C-ing
Me, Ju, and Scrumble caught a opp, we finna triple team him
New condo, I just spent a twenty on a Kaws
Catch him in that deep, do him like I’m Jaws

[Outro: BabyTron]
ShittyBoyz, Dog Shit MIlitia
You know what the fuck going on

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