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Big Scarr – Understanding Lyrics



Big Scarr - Understanding Lyrics

Big Scarr – Understanding Lyrics

Understanding Lyrics By Big Scarr


I’ma try somethin’ lil’ different
I really be like trying different shit
Got a different part of me on this shit (Xay with the play)
Not just Grim Reaper (Hey, Twon)
(Tryna let y’all know how I’m really feeling)
Or Frozone (You know)
(With another one)
(Switch it up a lil’ bit)
Feelin’ all grown up in this shit (Here we go with another one)
I seen everything you can see in the street (Another one)
And I done did everything you can do in the street (Every bit of it)
That shit ain’t bring me nothing but hate though
Just a lil’ love
But fuck all that shit, let’s go (Straight to it)
[Verse 1]
Diamonds hittin’ hard like a disco
Everywhere I go, niggas turn into a lightshow (A lightshow)
Before you crash, better have Geico
Not eenie-meenie, man, I’m strapped with a micro (Strapped with a micro)
And it’s stuck to me like Velcro
Stuck in the streets, spend time try to let go (Try to let go)
Still serving gas at the Citgo
Made a Backwood scale, nah, I can’t let go (Nah, I can’t let go)
Streets get hot, gotta lay low
Shooter gon’ step still when a nigga say so
Now he got a halo, all about the peso
Face shot, now he need a makeover (He need a makeover)
Now it’s my time, I’ma take over (Take over)
Might go double R, nigga, fuck a Range Rover (Nigga, fuck a Range Rover)
Perc’ got me feeling like a hangover (Like a hangover)
Yeah, she can come, but the bitch can’t stay over (Bitch can’t stay over)
Feds tapped your line, where the Motorola? (Where the Motorola?)
I just poured a four of the Wock’ in the Coca-Cola (In the Coca-Cola)
New crib, sleepin’ on the big sofa (On the big sofa)
New whip, I don’t even drive, gotta get a chauffeur (Where the fuckin’ chauffeur?)

I gotta get a chaffeur
I really should let it just sing on you bitch-ass niggas, I don’t really got much to say
But I ain’t done nothing yet
Bitch-ass nigga got me fucked up
I’m him
Let’s go

[Verse 2]
Niggas copy my flow ’cause I’m hard and they can’t let it go
Soon as I walk through the door, bitches snatching my clothes
I can’t kick it right after the show
Bitch, I gotta go sell me a ‘bow
Been sellin’ dope, send this shit in a plane or a boat
I’m the one, yeah, they call me the GOAT
Feelin’ like fuck everybody, I’m finna go ghost

Feel me, all this shit I got off hope
I got all this shit off blessings and manifestings
You know? God blessed me with this shit
He blessed me in this position I ain’t even think I’d be in
Everybody hate, but I love it
Fuck ’em though (Fuck your opinion)
Let’s go (Fuck all that shit)
With another one (Fuck your feelings, all that)
And another one (Fuck all that shit)
Uh, here we go with another one (And another one)
Drop mic, bitch-ass nigga
That’s how I feel, bitch
(Trillion dollar bridges)

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