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G Herbo – Survivor’s Outro Lyrics



G Herbo - Survivor’s Outro Lyrics

G Herbo – Survivor’s Outro Lyrics

Survivor’s Outro Lyrics By G Herbo

That’s probably the reason why I don’t even write music no more, fool
I don’t even know how to like feel my vibe, I be goin’ through like different moods and shit
Every time I try to write some music
When I be feelin’ the vibe and wantin’ to like feel how I used to feel
I ain’t even the nigga I used to be no more
So I be moody, goin’ through different moods and shit
It be different, I don’t even know how to feel like I used to feel
I ain’t that nigga no more, so whoever you lookin’ for, you ain’t gon’ find him
Just gon’ find me, uh
The nigga you used to know, nigga you was lookin’ for, used to blow pipes and tote dice
Blow dice, I mean tote pipes and blow dice
Whatever, whenever
Fuck that bag (Bag), used to fuck that bag up (Bag up)
Foenem playin’ with this shit, but they gon’ smash somethin’
Foreigns why the call me Swervo, used to crash ’em
Police at my mama house, they picked the Jag up
Get your cash up, get your swag up
You a killer, right? Why you tag us?
Make your mind up, pussy boy, decide somethin’
Haters gon’ manipulate, they tryna mindfuck
I woke up like 8 a.m. ’cause I’m a grinder
Foenem called to wake me first ’cause they with sliders (They with sliders)
I can’t let no nigga conquer us, divide us (Divide us)
We was born kings, can’t no one define us
We was in the trenches broke and fucked the finest ones (Finest ones)
Niggas know how gang rock, we had the loudest guns (Loudest guns)
We can’t hate, appreciate our wait around the sun (Wait around the sun)
We can’t hate, appreciate a day around the sun (Uh-huh)
I could never hate my daddy, now I got a son (Two of ’em)
I love spendin’ time with ’em, but I gotta run (Uh-huh)
This life shit ain’t cheap, this life shit ain’t sweet
Made decisions gotta keep, I can’t post delete
The internet wan’ see me stressed, pullin’ up old Tweets
I ain’t even into that shit, can’t remember that shit
Whips, I used to rent them shits, and now I’m in that shit
She do too much hatin’ shit, can’t defend that bitch
I can’t lie about my past, so I made that list
Hoes be on hatin’ shit, I can’t take that risk
Uh, uh, can’t erase what I did
But if that glove do not fit, then you mustn’t quit (Quit)
I was fuckin’ shit lit, I was just a jit (Jit)
I was on some sick shit, I was just a jit
I can’t even think I’m special, that’s just how we live
That’s why niggas fourteen out here havin’ kids
That’s why niggas fourteen out here doin’ bids
I couldn’t chase my dreams, but I knew ’bout forty SIGs
Thirty Glocks, pull up, thirty shots
Never thought we’d hear ’em stop (Stop), but we heard ’em stop
She a teen, ain’t have no pops (Pops), but she had a crop top
Nigga ain’t have no pops (Pops) but he had a drop-top (Top)
For real

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