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GRIP – Many Thanks Lyrics



GRIP - Msny

GRIP – Many Thanks Lyrics 

Many Thanks Lyrics By GRIP

Ayy, if you ain’t in the mood for gratitude
Then cut this motherfucker off, yeah
Haha, I got a lot of, uh, thank yous in order, or whatever

Yeah, first and foremost, I gotta start with the kids
Wouldn’t make it far as I did without Zari and Riz
My favorite girls, y’all take away the weight of the world
When that shit too heavy to lift and I ain’t able to curl
And mama, you the GOAT, you kept my head on straight
Kept food on plates even when you ain’t ate
And you still gon’ call or text when I be out late
A superhero in my eyes, get this lady a cape
And Darryl, we been through shit, but much love and rеspect
Raisin’ somebody elsе’s kids, it can be tough to connect
But you showed me how to throw hands and taught me sports
Even though I never applied it on the field or a court
Gave advice, a lot of niggas never got their support
Ended up dead or in prison once they hopped off the porch
Uncle Tim, you treated me like your kid, gave me my street smarts
Aunt Esther, Aunt NeNe, and Kim, y’all some sweethearts
Ant, nigga, you know what it is, let’s keep this thing strong
Mama Hicks, I stayed at your crib like I was one of your own
Jim the big brother I never had
Your mama like my mama and your pops like my second dad
Your daughter’s like my daughters and I know you would say the same
You ever need somethin’ and I got you, it ain’t a thing
Kerrick my brother for real, we been through the struggle for real
Huddled and hustled for meals, writin’ to brush up on skills
Met you through Sm00ve, that shit is tragic, he no longer here
Called you as soon as I heard the news, we shed thug tears
Yam, you my closest cousin, we waitin’ on you to get home
Just know that I got you and you ain’t gotta go through it alone
Growin’ up, who woulda known we’d fall to the system
Takin’ for granted all of the wisdom we was handed
And somehow I managed to beat the odds
Although the cards ain’t play out how we planned it
But blood is blood forever, we can never be disbanded
Forgive me if you feel that the fame got to my head
‘Cause I ain’t picked up your call or I left your message on read
Sometimes I wake and spend a few hours layin’ in bed
No phone, music or TV, I’d rather silence instead
Replayin’ the good times in my mind
I’d trade it all if I could rewind, but that ain’t how life is designed
Shout out the local blogs that share a light on my rhymes
And young niggas on the same grind, fightin’ to shine
Yeah, me and TU! legit brothers beyond this music shit
You kept the fuses lit when I felt as if I was losin’ it
Shout out Jacob Moore for postin’ my shit on P&P
Jumpstarted my career, I gotta keep it G
And my nigga Tigg, ’cause I know bein’ my manager ain’t a easy feat
I love you ’cause you believe in me more than I believe in me
Justin, Sydney, LeLe, and Bre, can’t forget ’bout Ke and D
All of the producers that let me rap on they beats for free
J Good with Str8 Out Da Den, you let me rip them stages
Ty, we still got money to get, was just on different pages
Amir put me on Sylvan tour, I appreciate it
JID took me to Europe, I’m honored to be affiliated
The day Em spit me my lyrics, I knew I really made it
To have him and Royce on my album, that shit feel amazin’
‘Cause they giants in my eyes, residin’ where I aim to be
Remember buyin’ they CD and now they give me game for free
A major key, ’cause once upon a time, they was the same as me
Pray I’m half as successful as them, just gotta wait and see
Paul, Mike, and all of the Shady fam, the crazy fans
Y’all saw somethin’ in me when nobody gave a damn
Pulse gave a nigga a bag before I had a buzz
Gotta give Lauren and Ash some love
And shout out to the ones who went and bumped Porch after Snub’
Pulled up to my shows and wait around for the daps and hugs
Purchase merch and know my whole discography verse for verse
And play me every day, from the first to the thirty-first
Even those who found out about me through “Dirty Work”
They tell me I’m a star on the track, that’s word to Kirk
To know my music helped them out through some of they darkest times
I hold it dearer than they’ll ever know in this heart of mine
So know you appreciated for wipin’ my tears when they fall
Lending your ears when I call, I’m only here ’cause of y’all
Thank you

So, yeah, ah-ha, nigga goddamned dropped I-D-F-T
You know, did my first headlinin’ tour, uh
You know, brought the dawgs with me and shit
Shout out Marco, shout out goddamn Wiley
Motherfuckin’ Chris Patrick, you know, uh, so, yeah, man
We did that, came back home, I was motivated and shit
You know what I’m sayin’, so I went ahead and, uh, matter fact
I had already had most of the project recorded
So I was recordin’ my follow up
Um, which I ain’t gon’– I ain’t gon’ call the name of it
Y’all know the name of it if y’all be on social media and shit
Um, but, uh, recorded that and goddamn
We was gettin’ through it, pushin’ through it
We recorded it fast as hell and, um
Was ’bout to turn it in, but fuckin’ samples
You know what I’m sayin’? So, it–
And it’s a song that I feel like is very important and shit
So, it just was takin’ a little longer than we wanted to
We was tryna drop it before we goddamn jumped on tour with BOOGIE
Shout out the nigga BOOGIE
Uh, so, what I kinda like decided to do, was, uh
I don’t know, it was just like a quick idea one day
We was just sittin’ around and shit and I was like, man
Shit, how ’bout we make a project in a week
Like a EP in a week, so, you know, I hit a couple producers
Man, um

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