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Kodak Black – Demand My Respect Lyrics



Kodak Black - Demand My Respect Lyrics

Kodak Black – Demand My Respect Lyrics

Demand My Respect Lyrics By Kodak Black

See, I demand my respect, know what I mean?
Nigga, you ain’t gotta like me, you ain’t even gotta respect me, long as you don’t disrespect me, you heard me, nigga? (Respect it or check it, salute me or shoot me, nigga)
Nah, fuck that, them pussy niggas gon’ respect this shit, for sure

I demand my respect, I don’t really care for love
I done sent the bitch a jet, all I wanted was a hug
I’m slammin’ in a ‘Vette (I’m slammin’ in a ‘Vette, slammin’)
I don’t really carе for sex, I ain’t get none in a month
VVS, prong sеt (VVS)
You ain’t with me, then you with the wrong set
This where I been at, my location on net
I’m on they neck, dog
Fuck my old homies, I regret I even met y’all
I don’t play no games, I left the switch at my ex house
PS5 at mama house, my house got the Xbox
Just for decoration, deer head in my living room
Diamonds in my mouth, so you can’t tell I got a missin’ tooth
This ain’t nothin’ new, I been spinnin’, ain’t got shit to prove
I’m standin’ on business, ain’t no livin’ by the principles
I’m dyin’ ’bout my morals and my aura, I got shit to lose
Just caught the drop off a block, nigga, this a chicken coop
I’m poppin’ like Coke, beat the dope with a fork (With a fork)
Baby from New York, she got a body like Coke
I’m cuffin’ like she wrote
She got a warrant as soon I seen I got the yo
Yeah, I don’t play no police games, but now she under my arrest
My dick stay in her chest
Keep her happy, never stress
I’m in Cali’ with a vest
KTB, Kodak the best
And I’m never comin’ off they neck
Shooters comin’ off the bend
My snipe can’t wait to get out, Young D can’t wait to get off house arrest
My niggas sensitive ’bout Yak
Nigga comment under my picture, they be ready to handle that
Ayo, G-Mac, grab the MAC, spray, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt
I demand my respect
I’ma whack ’em ‘fore you whack ’em, nigga, what’s up? Let’s make a bet (Uh-huh)
My homie played a foul, I’m tryna hit him with a TEC
All my vultures on a prowl, yeah, we gon’ land and we gon’ peck
We done linked up with more killers, got gorillas in the set
Fuck it, y’all just run in the field and we gon’ chill in the nest (Mhm)
It’s a win-win, y’all dyin’ there, we lookin’ out for the threats
Droppin’ shit off when y’all get off, then we cleanin’ up the rest

Yeah, niggas gon’ say, man, that fuck nigga snappin’, ayy, lil’ boy, you put that shit in perspective, for real, for real
Know what I’m sayin’?
Yeah, all the vultures and shit gon’ really like, like, like, really like, know what I’m sayin’, like, gon’ smell that (I’ma eat, you gon’ eat too)
For sure, make these pussy niggas respect this shit, you heard me?
I’m slammin’ in a ‘Vette
I’m slammin’ in a ‘Vette, flash, flash
Ha, yeah

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