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Since99 – 20 oz waygu Lyrics



Since99 - 20 oz waygu Lyrics

Since99 – 20 oz waygu Lyrics

20 oz waygu Lyrics By Since99

Ayy, 29, are you mad?
Yeah, yeah, big twenty-two, pussy, fuck
Uh-huh, yeah, 99, 99, phew

Bitch, I be off of this gas standin’ like a mannequin (Yeah)
I be sky walkin’ like I’m Anakin
Like who in the fuck brought up all the hammers in? (What?)
Wait, why in the fuck you ain’t got the cannabis?
Like, wait a second, let me call up the management
This pack that you served me is really the randomest (Uh-huh)
Power is absolutely [?] candlelit
If I got a problem know Spite gonna handle it (Intriguing)
I had to kick her out of my establishment (Wow)
He want a QP, I gave his ass radishes (Damn)
You had some clout and now he tryna salvage it (Yeah)
Brody be flexin’ the bitches, he flow her with baggages
He spent his rent on some drip, that’s the saddedest (Sad)
The very low rate was cool, you draggin’ it
Twenty-ounce waygu stake, I’m stabbin’ it, phew (Pussy)
The video shoot got me changin’ my wardrobe
I just be talkin’ my shit up in morse code (Yeah)
They only talkin’ that shit when the door closed (Phew-phew)
I got this ice on my wrist like a snowglobe (Ice)
We put that shit on your head like a GoPro
She askin’ how the head was, it was so-so (It was decent)
Lil’ brody playin’ with birds, he a dodo (Fact)
I’m steppin’ exclusive, my shoes are a name
Bitch, I’m in the woods huntin’ for some game
I got my own cadence, I stay in my lane
I feel like Natasha, I step in the rain (Rain)
Bro got some shooters on go, they trained
They steady accurate, scorin’ like Payne, Cameron (Phew, phew, phew)
I got on the beat, I was trippin’, tearin’
I feel like I’m Tyler, I copped the McLaren (Skrrt)
Lil’ brody be thinkin’ that I trust him
I made me a hit then made me another, I feel like I’m Andrew McCutchen (Bitch)
I took me a five hour trip all the way down to Sandusky (Damn)
He started sippin’ and got him a gut, and now he thinkin’ that he Lucki

Ayo, what the fuck?

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